I am Dan Wilkinson.  I have always been fascinated with animals.  I love their beauty, usefulness and companionship.  I own and train animals (2 dogs, 1 goat, and 1 ewe). I have a passion for using my legal skills to protect the use and enjoyment of animals. While Animal Law is not the sole focus of my practice, it is the major focus.

I am a mobile lawyer.  I am part of the new generation of lawyers that have chosen not to be bound by an office.  Armed with a laptop, a smartphone, and a pad of paper, I am able to meet with you in person (or virtually) to discuss your legal problems.

I am a graduate of South Texas College of Law.  I have been licensed to practice law since 2005.  My practice began in Bryan, Texas and ultimately landed me in American Fork, Utah.

Having practiced in multiple states and having focused on different areas of the law in each location, I have a diverse legal background and is able to quickly resolve his client’s concerns and address their needs.

Dancy and her pups.