Animal Law Areas of Practice

Administrative Law

Want to appeal an action by animal control officers?  Are you the victim an an illegal impound?  Have your Constitutional rights been violated by lack of due process?  Have you been denied a permit?

Mr. Wilkinson will fight for your rights.

Bailee Liability

Has your pet been injured or killed when it was left unattended by those you hired to care for it?  Have you caught a groomer, trainer, kennel worker, or veterinarian technician abusing your animal?  Was your pet wrongfully impregnated by an animal while in another’s care?

Mr. Wilkinson represents those that have been harmed when those that are charged with treating or caring for your animal do not meet their reasonable standard of care.  Mr. Wilkinson defends bailees (groomers, trainers, handlers, sitters, kennel operations, agisters, veterinarians, etc…) that have wrongfully been accused of harming an animal.

Bites & Attacks

Animals can cause serious internal and cosmetic injury,  pain and suffering from wounds, and emotional harm.  Where the animal was not provoked and no trespass occurred, the law allows a mauling victim to be compensated.

Mr. Wilkinson represents both plaintiffs and defendants involved in civil animal injury litigation.

Civilian Shooting

Civilians sometimes take the law into their own hands and shot an animal.  While there are sometimes legal grounds for doing so, often the shooter is not justified in their actions.  In these cases there is no defense for injuring or killing the animal.

Mr. Wilkinson handles civilian (and officer) involved shootings of dogs and cats.


Have you and your significant other adopted or purchased a pet only to have the relationship with your significant end badly?

Mr. Wilkinson can help negotiate visitation, financial support and place of primary residence for your pet.

Did an animal control agency wrongful adopt our your pet or coerce its surrender?  Is your neighbor keeping your pet because of claimed damage caused by the pet?  Has your pet been lost and now found by someone what will not give it back?

Mr. Wilkinson will help reunite your with your animal.

Disability Law

Have you suffered the embarrassment of being kicked out of an establishment because of your service animal?  Have you been denied housing for you and your therapy animal?  Have you been improperly charged a pet deposit for your guide dog?  Did someone cause death or harm to your service animal?

Mr. Wilkinson handles service animal/emotional support animal access cases.

Harassment and Domestic Violence Protection

Unfortunately people will sometimes use an animal threaten or injure a victim.  Other times an animal is assaulted or neglected in order to emotionally disturb the pet’s owner or guardian.  Such behavior could be legal grounds for modifying or terminating custody or visitation and enforcing a restraining order to prevent or limit future contact with involved children.

Landlord – Tenant and HOA/COA Law

Renters want to enjoy sharing their lives with their companion animals, especially when they have relied upon written or oral assurances from their landlord that, in spite of what is in their rental agreement, they may have a pet.  Disabled individuals may seek accommodation of a therapy or service animal without incurring additional deposits or restrictions on suitable housing.  Landlords want to know that there properties will remain clean and suitable for future rental and that the animal does not present a threat or nuisance to the neighbors.  Additionally, on occasion disputes erupt among homeowner’s associations (HOAs) and condominium owner’s associations (COAs) relating to the right of an owner to keep or maintain animals.

Mr. Wilkinson handles cases representing lessees, renters, condo owners, and home owners in cases agains landlords, management companies, HOAs, and COAs to make sure that pet owners are not forced to part with their well-behaved pets.

Veterinary Malpractice

Did your dog die from a routine procedure.  Was your animal put to sleep without your permission or knowledge?  Did your pet suffer death, injury, or infection due to gross negligence?

Mr. Wilkinson handles cases of veterinary malpractice.

Wrongful Death

Was your animal shot by a police officer under suspicious circumstances?  Was your animal killed in wreck or an other insurable event?  Did your neighbor’s animal kill or harm your animal?  Do not let the insurance company try to settle for “market value” of your animal.  It does not account the intrinsic value of the animal which is often times many times more valuable than mere “market value.”

Mr. Wilkinson will not settle for the “market value” of your beloved pet.